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Decades carries a wide variety of stickers from The Grateful Dead Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Novelty, Biker and more

Nag Champa Incense

Weather you love the original Nag Champ or one of their other amazing scents Decades has you covered.

Vampire Blood Incense

A fun new novelty incense! The box says: Vampire Blood is harvested through an advanced process in which vampires are slowly bled. The unearthly qualities of the blood are isolated and extracted into a premium incense. Some vampires were harmed during this process but none met true death. This is a rare premium extract of Vampire Blood that is sure to heighten the senses and create inner sensations of nirvana

Backwoods Candles

Our candles are made right in Springville NY by the Backwoods Candle Co.. These are some of the freshest Candles out with most made and on our shelves with in 3 days. All our stock is rotated every 4-5 months to ensure the most fragrant product unlike mass produced national brands that come from china and sit in cargo ships and warehouses for up-to a year before they see the store shelves.