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Founded in Southern California, in the summer of 2013 by e-juice connoisseur Sam Rosenberg, after many months of DIY e-juice craft, Alpha Vape’s name has quickly become synonymous with high quality, well-crafted fruit flavors.
Sam first started in DIY for the same reasons as many other vapers… because he just couldn’t find any products that he truly loved. He wanted to continue vaping, but could not settle on any flavors that truly enticed his palate.
After finding success in crafting his own, high-quality flavors, and receiving extraordinary feedback from friends and family, Alpha Vape was born.
Featuring product names that honor friends, employees, pets, and favorite songs, Alpha Vape has rapidly become one of the most popular fruit-centric juice brands available today. They combine bold, unusual flavor combinations, complex blends with hidden flavor notes, and extreme attention to detail to create a line of unique, sometimes curious, and always delicious flavors.

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Bottom line, all are sales final and all items are sold as is. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. We can not help, show how to use, or troubleshoot any issue may have. Please don't return any item to store as FEDERAL BANS prohibit us from helping.


Thanks to Shana Wilkinson for this info. 1. Do not sell any vape/tobacco product or accessory to anyone under 18, must ID anyone "looking under 27" THIS WAS A GIVEN to reputable stores. You can thank the small shit vap shops all around WNY who sold to minors forcing the federal govt to throw the hammer down on the industry 2. No self service or vending stations for any tobacco product unless age is verified before entry 3. No free sampling of any tobacco product, mostly pertains to tasting eliquid flavors, but also no free cigarillos, rolling papers etc. you may charge a fee to sample or start a pay to join sample club 4. Do not build coils, RDAs, fill tanks, modify or troubleshoot for any customer. After paying, with your verbal guidance, they need to do all set up on their own. Do not touch a mod previously bought and brought in for trouble, verbal trouble shoot only. 5. Every brand and size needs to be able to provide you with a GCC report stating that the bottles passes child safety guidelines. If they don't have this, bottles need to be pulled. (If you mix in house liquids you need a GCC for your own brand) 6. No new liquids or products are to enter the marketplace without FDA approval. All products currently on the market have staggered guidelines and dates for FDA compliance. (If you still mix in house liquids you need to seek approval or discontinue within the next year) 7. Do not make any claims about Vapes being healthier alternatives, just alternatives. Pull any promo posters from the walls that have been sent by companies. Just as cigarette ads have to be FDA approved- so does liquid and vape ads in print.